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That photo of your mom in her hippie wedding dress and the one of your dad in his polyester leisure suit deserve better treatment than to sit in a box in your closet. Our slide scanning technicians will remove loose dust and debris; scan, crop and rotate the images; and finish off by adjusting the color, contrast and exposure to bring them back to life.

Once your images have been scanned, they will be suitable for printing and framing, or for showing as a digital slide show at your next family party. It takes just a few days, but with all of those graduations and wedding coming up, you want to be ready. Call us today and remind your family that every generation has its own unique style -- some more unique than others.

Slide Scanning Process
1. Gather your Slides, Negatives and Photos

Organize or Not, the choice is up to you. We understand that slides/negatives/photos are stored in a vast number of ways and that some people want their digital files organized and tidy while others just want them scanned. So bring us your pictures/slides/negatives any way you want and we will scan and label them just they way you want.

2. Ship or Drop-off

Your Slides, Negatives and Photos are irreplaceable and letting them out of your control can be hard to do. That’s why we accept drop-offs at our Portland office, just call ahead to schedule a drop-off time.

If you’ll be shipping your media to us, you’ll want to follow these tips to make sure your package is nice and secure. We recommend you ship your package using UPS or FedEx so that it can be tracked from door to door.

  • Remove slides from bulky trays and carousels. The weight of these items will make shipping very expensive.
  • Secure your slides with rubber bands so they stay organized.
  • Place your slides, negatives and photographs in plastic bags to protect from any moisture during transit.
  • Include any instructions on the order you’d like contents scanned and any labelling instruction.

3. Your Slides Photos and Negatives are processed

When your slides arrive we carefully organize and clean your media. Dust is removed with compressed air or if it’s really persistent, with a micro-fiber cloth.

The freshly cleaned slides, negatives and photos are then ran through our top of the line Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanners which also includes Digital Ice processing to remove dust and scratches from your film.

The digital files are then processed with any additional options selected. This includes Crop and Rotation and Color Correction. One last inspection and then the scanned images are saved to a data DVD or portable hard drive.

4. Ready to be shared and preserved

Your digital files are now ready to be returned to you. If they were dropped off, we will call you up to let you know they are ready for pick-up. We will email you a copy of your invoice and payment instructions if you shipped your media to us. Once we receive payment we’ll ship your slides, photos and negatives back with a digital copy on a data DVD via FedEx.

Once you receive the package your files will be ready to be to be shared and preserved. We recommend you make a backup copy first thing but in case your files are lost, rest assured, we keep a copy on our servers for 90 days. We also offer a 10yr backup service for customers looking for a long term backup solution.

Extremely Fast Turn Around Times
If you search the internet for "slide scanning", you’ll find most companies send your slides overseas to India or China to save on labor costs. Because of this, their turnaround times are very slow (1 to 2 months in most cases). We do all our scanning locally in Portland, OR and process most jobs under 500 slides in less than 24 hours and jobs of 2000 slides in 2 - 3 days so you get to see your precious memories back much faster at the same affordable price.
We scan all our slides and negatives on Nikon Coolscan 5000ED scanners, which provides significantly higher quality scans than flatbed scanners. While we don’t recommend flatbed scanners for film scans, they do an excellent job scanning photos. So for all our photo scanning we use Epson 4490 scanners.
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