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Shipping Tips
Thanks for choosing to process your slides and negatives. We have put together the following list to help you while you are packaging your slides to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Shipping Address:
6609 SE 72nd
Portland, OR 97206

If you would like your slides scanned in a particular order, we ask that you first group your slides into categories (ie. Christmas 1974), then the order you would like them to go through the scanner. Once you have done this write a "1" on the first slide in the group and cut out a small piece of paper to write the category name on. Attach this label to the group of slides with two rubber bands, if there are more than 50ish slides in the group, break the group into multiple stacks.
Group by Like Types
If you have different film types (ie. 35mm, 110, 126, 127 ) in your categories then you'll need to arrange the slides by film type. We have to configure our scanners based on the type of film, so if you have 35mm and 110 slides in the same group, organize the 35mm first then place the 110 slides behind them. This way we only have to adjust the scanner settings once.
Arrange the Slides so they all Face the Same Direction
Processing Labs typically label the slides with a marker so that you know which side faces the screen. Commonly you will see the words "This side towards screen" or they'll have the manufacture name on them (ie. Kodak, Fuji, etc.). If there are no markers then just take your best guess, if you get it wrong we will catch it before they go through the scanners.
Rotate Slides Horizontally
All slides enter our scanners in the same direction regardless of how they were taken, so please don't rotate the portrait slides so they are stacked at a 90° angle of the landscape slides.
Securely Package Slides
Now that your slides are all organized, package them in Ziploc bags to protect them from moisture and place them securely inside a box with plenty of padding. As an added layer of security you may also consider double boxing them.
Shipping Negatives
Place all negatives to be scanned inside a small envelope to keep them from shifting around. Then place that envelope inside a Ziploc bag to protect the film from moisture. Finally, place the negatives inside a padded envelope with a cardboard insert or in a small box.
Ship and let us Organize them for you
For those that don't want to deal with the hassle of organizing or removing their slides from containers. Don't worry, we will do all the work for you (You may want to remove any metal clips on your slides, we charge .05 cents per slide for their removal). Package up your slides as best you can and place them into ZipLoc bags to protect them from moisture, then package and ship them.
We Ship through FedEx
We will ship your slides back to you through FedEx, if you would prefer another carrier let us know and we will ship using them.

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